A Guide For Pressure Cleaning A Patio

Pressure washers are necessary equipment for household use. Owning one is great, but you can always rent one or hire the services. Pressure washing is perfect for different surfaces and areas like a patio, walls, wood, bricks, etc. A pressure washer removes dirt effectively through pressurized water. You can choose the amount of pressure needed based on the dirt type or nature of the surface. Patio cleaning improves the curb appeal and increases its longevity. We look at steps for pressure cleaning a patio.

Pressure washing a patio

Cleaning a patio requires high amounts of pressure, considering the surface is rough. Be careful during the water release as the pressure can hurt and cause injury. To avoid this, ensure your pressure washer is manageable and you are comfortable with the size. So, the steps are;

1. Clear the patio in readiness for pressure cleaning

Patios are good spots for various objects. Some have lawn furniture, plants, pots, play equipment, and other decorations. Move all these items to a separate space, further from the water spray range. Note that the pressure washer nozzle releases water spray with pressure suitable for patios. So any other object may be destroyed by the same. Sweep the surface in case of loose dirt like leaves or plastic bags. You can soak up any oil or grease before washing or clean directly at high pressure.

2. Decide whether to include detergent or not

Soap is an excellent addition to the pressurized water during pressure cleaning. Pressure washers are built differently as per their models. Some have soap compartments while others don’t. In the case of a detergent chamber, use an injectable detergent. If there is none, a spray bottle detergent would be ideal. Ensure your pressure washer is soap friendly, whether you use cold or hot water. When you pour the soap directly onto the patio from the spray bottle, wait 5-10 minutes before spraying water. If the detergent is in the washer machine, spray water immediately after spraying the soap.

3. Keep the hose angled toward the patio when pressure cleaning

Pointing the hose towards the ground ensures the water hits the dirt directly. It also ensures no other object is made wet or ruined by water. Start from one point and proceed to a sweeping motion in a single direction. Once done, move towards the other direction till all dirt is gone. These back and forth motions are to ensure the whole patio is cleaned.

Pay attention to dirt build-ups when pressure cleaning

Not all patios are made from a concrete slab. Some have bricks or stones with crevices that harbor dirt. The dirt tends to build up over time as cleaning is mainly on the surface. Direct the stream of water between the cracks till the dirt is dislodged. If the water stream is wide, replace the nozzle for a finer stream with more pressure.

Final words

Pressure washing patios isn’t difficult, the process is straightforward and quick with a suitable machine and correct steps. The guide above highlights the cleaning procedure. It is simple enough for anyone to understand and apply. However, you can always tweak the steps to suit you whenever you need them.


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